Justice יולי נודלמן Juli Nudelmann
יולי נודלמן-צדק לכל Закон
יום ד', יד’ בתמוז תשע”ט
    דף הבית  |  יצירת קשר  
We, the immigrants from the former Soviet Union, suffered from the Bolshevik regime and personally experienced the extent of its wickedness. Therefore, our resistance to anything that appears connected to it is fully understandable

By Alla Shainskaya Still Bolsheviks December 1990, the smell of the impending Gulf War was in the air and aliyah (immigration) from Russia was streaming to Israel. It was the "elitist" aliyah of the 1990s, full of great potential - doctors, engineers, teachers, musicians, athletes, artists. The hopeful new immigrants were prepared to start new lives, to work hard and become part of Israeli society. But they dragged along a difficult history that remains with them today. Every immigrant remembers the questions that were raised, like "Who needs so many doctors, engineers and scientists?" But we have fought a long and difficult battle, together with veteran Israelis who understood that this was necessary and worthwhile. Unfortunately, one goal was not fully achieved: to become an integral part of Israeli society; to be completely accepted for whom we are, with our language and special culture, and our snobbishness; acceptance without exploitation, but rather with dialogue, understanding and patient support until we fully became identified with Israeli society. This led to the formation of a sectorial political party of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, a development that resulted in separation and isolation. Thus history repeats itself. Immigrant support for Barak and then the Likud, both began with great promise and ended in disappointment. Another battle for the Russian vote began prior to the elections, and again the immigrants face a dilemma. Or perhaps this time they don't. Perhaps we should think rationally and not emotionally, without fleeing this time. And not to count on the new magic wand called Shinui. We've always longed for a new word, such as “perestroika” or “glasnost”. And this is what Tommy Lapid has ostensibly offered: hope. The same brilliant journalistic and witty speech is building his party on a foundation of negativism and hate, while ignoring the problems facing the country. Today we must demonstrate maturity and civic courage. We, the Jews of the former Soviet Union, who grew up in a dictatorship as a humiliated minority, now support racist behavior and the control over and humiliation of another people. We, who fled from there with hope for a new life, are burying our children here - and not always with dignity. Why did we bring them here? What land is worth this? And despite this, we, the Russian Jews, reject the Left. I ask myself, have remained Bolsheviks despite our avowed opposition to this system? Bolshevism is a general concept, expressing the scope and method with which any ideology is attempted to be imposed. Even from an historic perspective, the Russian Revolution was carried out by people who believed in two central principles: the need for radical change, regardless of the circumstances, and the aim justifies the means. Everyone knows that the socialist idea - which incorporated moral principles - led to human suffering and corruption under the Bolsheviks and ultimately to the collapse of their regime. On the other hand, the same idea as implemented by the social-democratic parties in Western countries has brought about a change in attitude toward the weaker segments of their societies and to an improvement in the standard of living. We, the immigrants from the former Soviet Union, suffered from the Bolshevik regime and personally experienced the extent of its wickedness. Therefore, our resistance to anything that appears connected to it is fully understandable. But, unfortunately, we made a mistake in the diagnosis. Instead of rejecting the method of implementation that led to all of the problems, we rejected the idea, which was basically a good one. Thus, we loathe anything that has any connection with the Left, which has adopted compromise and moderation as the way to achieve peace. Through our votes, we are encouraging and enabling a Bolshevik, maximalist policy to be implemented, without considering the international realities and problems of morality. We are allowing the right-wing parties to exploit our sensitivity toward anything evocative of the Left to help strengthen a regime that does not consider the circumstances and has led us to the edge of the abyss. We must consider our situation objectively, and not according to the misleading concepts of Left and Right. For the sake of our future and that of our children, we must reach a compromise solution with the Palestinians and achieve regional rapprochement. This would also lead to economic prosperity in Israel, the creation of jobs, tolerance and true democracy, without coercion. This is not utopian. I believe that we, the immigrants from the former Soviet Union, are capable of thinking critically and voting in favor of peace, resisting the incitement by politicians, who take advantage of our difficult past. 2003 Israel Dr. Alla Shainskaya is Chairwoman of the Board at "Our Heritage - Charter for Democracy" NGO, volunteer .The “Our Heritage - Charter for Democracy”. The organization is adherent to the principle of equal rights for all Israeli citizens and, specifically, to equality of opportunities for all ethnical and cultural groups of the Israeli society. We combat discrimination, racialism, alienation. She is Head of Biological Mass Spectrometry Biological Services Department Weitzman Institute of Science. Despite the fact that this article was published in the newspaper "Haaretz" A few years ago, now it is no less relevant than it was then. The Edition On the main picture Dr. Alla Shainskaya

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