Justice יולי נודלמן Juli Nudelmann
יולי נודלמן-צדק לכל Закон
יום ד', יד’ בתמוז תשע”ט
    דף הבית  |  יצירת קשר  
The book “Scharansky without mask” is intended to expose the myth of the national hero

A p p e a l to the patriots of our country, by Juli Nudelmann (21.05.02) The book “Scharansky without mask” is intended to expose the myth of “the national hero”. Scharansky is a part and parcel of the political, economic and state system, of the rotten and decayed top echelon whose members irrespective of their party affiliation have lost and betrayed all ideals and care exclusively about their own well-being. The corruption of the authorities, loss of Zionist ideals and national aims, and total degeneration have taken place in the state, which led to the appearance in the society of monstrous social inequality. The top echelon is cleverly fomenting conflicts between believing and secular population, between new immigrants and old residents, encouraging and supporting the conflict between Jews and Arabs, and creating in the country an isolated million-strong Russian ghetto. A handful of people are demoralizing the population enriching themselves in the process and ruling the state without any control. The top echelon is being served by courts of justice, police, powerful bureaucratic apparatus, tax authorities, State Controller, non profit companies Registrar, the Government and his Legal Advisor. The rulers change laws at their will, using, in particular, the absence of constitution. Unmasking the Scharansky myth and describing the forces and mechanisms that had brought him to power I had set the system against myself. Instead of behaving as it is accepted in a civilized state and democratic society and reacting to the book publication with an open press discussion, Scharansky had started court proceedings against me and my brother demanding two million shekel compensation! Scharansky who at that time was a minister in the Government coalition and the leader of the IBA party, sued me on behalf of himself and his party to be able to use without any control the taxpayers’ money for paying the fee of the lawyer Dan Avi Yitzhak. During the court proceedings in that case I have become sure of “fairness” of the judges and their devoted service to the authorities. The judges are not willing to examine the facts; they prevent the consideration of the latter and, pandering to the minister, are “drowning” the defendants, ordinary citizens, setting unfair “expenses” favoring Scharansky, on invented grounds. The legal system is serving the authorities creating just a semblance of “searching the truth”. For example, just to appeal against unfair and willful decisions of district court to the Supreme Court, the citizen must pay tens of thousands shekels when the documents are presented to the court. No money – no justice! Justice for the powers that be only! Having published the book about Scharansky, about his permanent lies about his suspicious ties with the Russian mafia figures, I had become sure that a citizen could not fight the rotten system on his own. Moreover, a destructive process of “Russification” and “Sovietization” are now in full swing in the country, with the connivance of the top echelon interested only in the votes of the population made fool of. More and more elements come in power in municipal authorities, the government, trade unions and economy, not interested in the nation values, and sometimes visibly criminal in the nature. The book “Scharansky without mask” is intended to serve a warning to the population alerting people to the danger of such phenomena that could threaten the independence and even the very existence of the Jewish State. People of like mind should unite! Let’s get together and think what should be done for our poor country. Do remember – time is not on our side! The state system is now dealing with me and persecuting me for the word of truth, the same can happen to anyone who will dare to say truth. Actions are required until it is too late. I ask those who feel like myself, care about the fate of the nation and the people to write: P.O.B 25021, Rishon Le-Zion, 75720. E-mail: yulin@013.net.il

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