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The West, Europe, America must know about the processes taking place in Israel- Russification-Soviet ization. They jeopardize not only Israel, but to a certain extent, the entire free world. The world must pay the great attention to Israeli Russification-Soviet ization in order that it may not become its victim. And not only to pay attention and to watch, but take certain measures

The victory of the Soviet imperial legacy and mentality, and especially in Israel On the Soviet imperial legacy and the mentality, especially in Israel All power to the Soviets! Or- how Russia Forceless Occupies Israel By Juli Nudelmann (The article was wrote and published in the Russian language Press some time ago, but it is very actual now and especially for English readers.) Public storm again broke out in Israel. But it is not caused by the continuing terrorist acts in the country and the enhancing economic crisis. This time the storm is caused by the arrest of Gad Zeevi, a well-known Israeli financial tycoon, and Michael Chyorny, former Russian businessman, now, an Israeli citizen. Police have arrested Zeevi and Chyorny on suspicion of lawless purchase of Bezeq Communication Company shares. Not long ago, Gad Zeevi, having paid 630 million $ US, bought 20% of shares of this major Israeli communication company. Police state that during the purchase he kept secret the fact that the actual, standing behind his back, buyer was Michael Chyorny, a new, since 1994, citizen of Israel, the man suspected by the police of various European countries and North America in illegally purchased assets and laundering the Russian Mafia corrupt money, and his belonging to the Russian Mafia as well. Police claim that Zeevi has rudely violated the law, having concealed from BEZEQ and the state authorities the real anonymous buyer, and not only because anonymous buyers contradict the financial rules, but, first and foremost, because he introduced a person, extremely suspicious for the security services of many countries the world (including Israel), into the company possessing all state, military, national strategic secrets of the State of Israel security. It is this consequence was of extreme concern to the police and was the real reason of the businessmen’s arrest. The police representatives directly declared that Michael Chyorny is the Russian Mafia dealer, which attempts to penetrate into Israeli economics and seize the country’s strategic objects. By the police words, Chyorny is merely the Mafia errand boy rather than the independent businessman. We will deviate from the necessity to prove or reject Chyorny’s being a Mafioso, a Mafia representative, or an errand boy. Let the police investigate the suspicious Bezeq share purchase deal. We can only hope that the police suspicions will be unjustified. I am more interested in the ballyhoo raised around the matter primarily by public and state figures, emigrant offspring from the former USSR. Police actions were acidly criticized by Avigdor (Yvette) Lieberman, the newly-made Israeli Minister of Infrastructure, who strongly defended Michael Chyorny. He told repeatedly that he personally believed to honest and absolutely pure Michael Chyorny much more than to the Israeli police investigation authorities altogether. Listening to him, one can come to the conclusion that Lieberman is the paragon of purity and sanctity, at least like the Pope. Meanwhile, it is known that Israeli police have pursued a number of criminal cases against Lieberman, some of them being frozen or deleted due to prescriptive right, but one case, dealing with malicious hooliganism and children battery, was passed over to the court by of the government Legal Adviser’s recommendation. Yakov Kedmi (Yasha Kazakov), former head of the Nativ, the semi-secret institution dealing with the CIS countries also rushed to his defense immediately. He announced on two TV channels, by radio, in press that there is no Russian Mafia at all, that it was invented to hinder entry of powerful Russian investors to Israel, and Michael Chyorny, as Kedmi states, is undoubtedly such an investor. In TV discussion with Yoav Itzhak, a well-informed reporter, Kedmi asserted that if an investor came from France, the USA and other countries, he would be accepted with enthusiasm, without any checks, but if it was a Russian businessman or investor, he would be immediately labeled as Mafia man and his investments would be blocked. No other but Yasha, a competent and reasonable man, and what is more essential, sufficiently acquainted with the problems of Israeli security and Russian Mafia should have been aware and considerate of other factors as well. First, the investors who arrive from the Western countries also checked, and sometimes even arrested in Israel. Famous American Mafiosi, multimillionaire Meier Lansky was not admitted entry to Israel despite all his previous donations to various charity organizations. A well-known French millionaire, Samuel Flatto-Sharon who even managed to be elected to the Knesset, was finally convicted and imprisoned in Israel for several years. On the other hand, the investors who come from free democratic countries are generally open for their tax and legal bodies, which cannot be said about the “new Russian” arriving from the former USSR. Their methods of capital acquirement in the former USSR and new Russia are always doubtful, their ways of capital remittal to the West are suspicious and, in most cases, illegal. It is quite natural that the majority of the so-called new millionaires, multimillionaires, and billionaires from the former USSR cause particularly great attention of the free world police. Capital acquirement, its export abroad from the former USSR are more often than not associated with criminal elements, and frequently also with the Soviet- and post-Soviet intelligence, with the KGB and its follower, the FSS. So rapid enrichment of the former service personnel, senior researchers, physicians, deputy stage directors, and essentially, export of tens billions dollars abroad cannot be imagined without their support. Naturally, new financiers still have obligations to those, who assisted or at least did not prevent their enrichment and illegal or law-evasive export of capital. It is known, that many of new financial tycoons of the modern Russia were convicted for economic crimes and imprisoned together with the criminals already in the Soviet times. There future new tycoons volens-nolens established contacts with the criminal world, and many of them, as it was accepted in prisons, during investigations – with the USSR state security and intelligence-counterintelligence bodies. Israeli defenders of new investors from the former USSR are sufficiently intelligent to know such simple truth that large capital from Russia (Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, etc.) a priori cannot be honest. Other kind of country, other conditions, other means. The burden of suspicion is imposed even on the well-known and apparently sincere ones. Vladimir Gusinsky was for several months imprisoned in Spain, and is now under home arrest, waiting for court resolution on his extradition to Russia; Boris Berezovsky fled beyond the Russian borders, Pavel Borodin expects his extradition to Switzerland by the American court judgment. Tens of other large new businessmen are imprisoned in Germany, France and Hungary. As for Mikhail Chyorny, it is known that a couple of months ago, by the order of General Atanas Atanassov, Director of the National Security Service, he was evicted from Bulgaria with any right to return. In doing this, the General stated that he evicted Chyorny from Bulgaria because he had been brought to the country by the Russian-Ukrainian businessman Grigory Luchansky, the head of Nordex Company, who, by Atanassov’s words, was the safe box of post-Soviet special services for payments to their agents. We cannot ascertain that it is absolutely true, but the very fact that businessman Chyorny, who had never been under any, even simple, security check for Israel state employees, was evicted from Bulgaria on suspicion of his connections with the post-Soviet security services, had to alert our police when it became clear whose capital becomes the control one in the very heart of our strategic security. As for Kedmi’s statement that only the court can determine a person’s guilt, it is absolutely wrong for at least two reasons. Israel has a special security check system, independent of the court, when a person is admitted to a defense institution even as a technician or a cleaner. This check sometimes takes many months. But why should not such check be made when a person becomes the co-owner of the country’s electronic brain - only because he has hundreds millions dollars on his bank account? In my opinion, exactly because the man’s capitals are so promptly acquired, he must be screen with particular scrutiny. But don’t by the court, as Yakov Kedmi wishes. Surely by the police, as Avigdor Lieberman don’t wishes. There is a weird tradition in our country when the so-called Russians politicians, primarily probably in order to win popularity among immigrants, attack the Israeli legal institutions with and without any reason. In addition to Lieberman, the most zealous are the Moscow University graduates Marina Solodkina and Yuri Stern, who probably learned to protect human rights at that most humane Soviet university. I am personally well acquainted with our court and legal system, many times, hundreds of hours I participated as expert on negligent medical treatment for various court and investigation bodies, and I admit the imperfection of our legal system. However, such destructive system criticism by our new politicians is a factual provocation and only incurs damages to the country’s new citizens, and more important, to the country in whole. The more so that the Israeli immigrant medium is not, mildly putting, perfect from the viewpoint of law offences. It should be said clearly and honestly – criminality and law offences increased in Israel many times after mass-scale immigration from the former USSR. Brutal murders of wives, mothers, fathers, everyday throat cutting in schools, night street hooliganism, drug addiction, prostitutes, theft and robbery, house fight between neighbors rocketed for the last decade precisely because of the Russian-speaking immigrants. Five drunks Russian- cursing 15-18-year-old teenagers battered to death chance passer-by in Ness-Zyona. Strangely, I did not hear from our right defenders any good word about police, which detained the criminals immediately as well as any sympathy with the injured man’s family. Opposition to police in their investigation and struggle against the immigrant criminality only enhances the hazard of criminality growth to the extent when it becomes dangerous to go out into the streets. Even now, there are already regions and certain districts where yours live is in jeopardy in the evenings. I came to Israel nearly 30 years ago. We were proud of the fact that our children could freely wander in the parks, come back home late at night in safety. Today the situation has changed. It is dangerous to live in Israel and not only, and even not because of terrorism. It is dangerous for the old to receive their pensions, because their monthly allowance can be grabbed from them in the daylight, in the street, by the well-organized young motorcycled bandits. It is dangerous to send children to schools, because the gangs of 10-12-year-old Russian-speaking racketeers force your child to bring them ransom. The non-Jewish population, amounting to 25-30% of total immigrants, contributes greatly to the criminality increase. Sometimes, the impression is that the Russian (and earlier, the USSR) authorities purged the country from the criminals thanks to the Jewish quota. Certainly, the fact that the non-Jewish population feels outcast also plays certain role. And now we will dwell on the essential from my viewpoint. Many former KGB employees, the Soviet period historians, intellectuals, including Kirill Henkin, residing now in München, testify that in the 60-ies the idea of the breakthrough to the West and its conquer by the mass-scale emigration from the USSR was born in the interiors of the Soviet secret services. The emigration, primarily Jewish, was stimulated by the Soviet power itself. They reckoned that thanks to mass-scale emigration Soviet culture would spread along the world, Russian language would enter the Western society, and in parallel (or as a must?) thousands of pro-Soviet agents -both spies and the impact agents – would be instilled into Western media. Former employees and heads of the USSR secret services witness now that only to Israel and only in late 80-ies and 90-ies, hundreds and even thousands of spies and impact agents were sent within the wave of nearly one million immigration. General Oleg Kalugin, former chief of the KGB counter-intelligence declared that only he personally and only from Leningrad sent to Israel above 200 agents. The same have had testified by Viktor Makarov, another Soviet intelligence senior officer, and by Lunyov, the General of the USSR secret services. Israel appeared an ideal country for laundering dirty money and for criminal Soviet- and post-Soviet capital, and for instilling hundreds and thousands agents to Israel, and via Israel, to the rest of the free world – Australia, New Zealand, North America and Canada, Austria, Sweden. First the Soviet, and then the new, post-Soviet authorities understood that, having lost in their own country, they could try to make up for their losses and have revenge precisely by “sovietization” and “russification” of Israel, and to a certain extent, of the West and America. In 1990, Russian journalist Yuri Petukhov recommended the Soviet authorities let Jewish crowds free and thus to conquer and occupy Israel. He maintained that the Jews en masse are conservative, and would preserve Soviet mode of life, culture, education, conduct, thinking habits acquired within the seventy years of Soviet power even in immigration. The mob that will not be able to adapt to the new language and culture of the country of its immigration will introduce its, Soviet culture, even in the post-Soviet period. Petukhov was right. And not only with regard to the Jewish national character but also because there are definite forces promoting “sovietization” and “russification” of Israel. In today’s Israel, along with Jewish, Israeli culture and Hebrew, Soviet – actually not Russian – culture is being instilled with jeopardizing speed. It is manifested in all spheres – in social behavior, inability to compromise at work, in shops, schools, families, with house neighbors, in total lack of respect for all laws and striving to circumvent them, in social and intellectual concept, which maintains that any state is hostile to its citizens, and even in the unwillingness to serve in the army. Over consumption, time-serving, rudeness more and more predominate in our everyday life, certainly with numerous positive features brought to Israel by the immigrants from the former USSR. But it is not the point. Actually in Israel, starting from the 80-ies, a new nation is born – sort of post-Soviet nation, which can become a reason of Israel decay and fall. If for powerful America with its centuries-old traditions, and for traditional Europe this hazard is not lethal, for Israel it is stultifying. Due to social and political constellations, shortsightedness, and immaturity, non-ripeness of Israeli society, the people poorly acquainted with rules and traditions of the free world, with threatening speed occupy commanding positions in the government and political organizations. These recent immigrants, who left the USSR 10 to 15 years ago, still bear the burden of Soviet thinking and world perception. They win their posts using the votes of immigrant bulk. These people are poorly acquainted with real life of Israel, the majority of them, though entering the country’s political system, did not work a single day in Israel, did not study in Israeli schools and universities, did not learn to read and speak at least correct Hebrew. Immigrant, or as it accepted to be named, repatriate, mob is being sufficiently brain washed by the corrupt and venal Russian-language mass media. Who and how buys the Russian-language press? Here the mechanism of financial support by dark, anonymous, light evading and Mafioso structures and personalities is triggered. Nathan (Anatoly) Shcharanky, the first among immigrant politicians is known to receive the money for launching the Israel ba-Aliya party from anonymous sources, via American and Swiss banks, from above mentioned Gregory Luchansky. Nobody can enter high policy without large money. Let us examine some of new, Russian-speaking Israeli politicians in light of their contacts with various suspicious elements. Both Lieberman – for his Our House Israel new immigrant party and Shcharansky must have had enormous financial support for their launching. Impecunious, job- and dwelling-lacking immigrants were unable to collect tens millions dollars required for launching parties and conducting elections. And such are the funds for the breakthrough. Somebody had to fund new political structures, to grant for them material support. Israel did not possess such sponsors. All these new immigrant parties and their leaders had inevitably to be backed by some forces, organizations or persons, from the former USSR. Certainly, their support was covert. They persecuted their interests – purchase of power, lobby generation in the government, instilling the country’s economy, laundering dirty money. New politicians had to give certain promises in exchange for the financial support, and they gave it. Secretly. Sometimes, these secrets came out. For instance, it was disclosed that Shcharansky had received hundreds thousands dollars from Gregory Lerner, a financial adventurer and Mafiosi, who is being at present imprisoned in Israel, and who was linked to Timofeev-Sylvester lately murdered in Moscow. Lerner did not succeed to evade from prison but Shcharansky and his entourage raised actual fight for his liberation, for sentence reduction, for good imprisonment conditions. Yuri Stern was tied to Anton Malevsky, who funded the Union of Engineers headed by Stern, and is now tied to Leonid Roitman, who stole tens millions dollars from the potential USSR immigrants. When Malevsky was to be deported from Israel, Stern stood through thick and thin on his defense. When a criminal action was brought against Roitman, the same Stern, already the Knesset member, together with other members of Shcharansky’s party, adopted the law on State refunding of money stolen by Roitman from the immigrants. Yakov Kedmi (Kazakov) is connected to Gusinsky and Kobzon, and, possibly, to Mikhail Chyorny. All above-mentioned politicians are also, within certain limits, linked to them. Indirect impact on mass media can no more satisfy the tycoons. New millionaire Vadim Rabinovich and Yosif Kobzon directly fund their Russian-language newspapers in Israel whereas Gusinsky has purchased a parcel of shares in the Maariv, a Hebrew-language newspaper. The emergence of Russian parties in Israel, which are undoubtedly influenced and even controlled by their sponsors and investors, results from huge investments of exported Russian-Soviet capitals. And that is why – as we can see from above specified examples – the “ex-nostris” politicians immediately stand thick and thin to the defense of their bosses offended by the Israeli police and suspected in Mafia contacts. Robert Friedman in The Red Mafia book, published last year, indicates that Minister Shcharansky came to the Israeli government on Mafia’s money. According to Friedman, the case in point is the money received by Shcharansky from notorious Gregory Luchansky and his Nordex Company. Ariel Sharon who has also rose to power supported by immigrant votes, and who wants to be further backed by the immigrant representatives in the existing unstable government, has lavishly allotted them the posts, even without account for the number of mandates. Shcharansky became the Minister of Construction, Lieberman – the Minister of Infrastructure, Edelstein – Deputy Minister of Immigration (even without a superior minister), Yuri Stern – deputy minister on relations with the CIS at the Prime Minister’s office. “Russian” Parteigenosse hold in their hands Israeli interiors, gas, oil (oil pipes and plants), water, land resources, residence and road construction, receipt of new immigrants, links with the CIS. We can repeat Kirill Chenkin’s words – “the Russians have come”. Thus, imperceptible and fast “Blitz Krieg” of Russian capital penetration to Israel takes place. And it is known - where there is capital, there is power. The sensation is felt that Israel is hopelessly entangled in its obligations to receive new immigrants, on the one hand, and in despairing attempts to fight with Mafia, criminal capital, law violations and criminals brought by the million-fold mass of former Soviet citizens, on the other hand. In this struggle, the police have at least two enemies. The first one – low competency of Israeli police and state security authorities, of Israeli legal bodies in the Russian-Soviet matters. The majority of high police officers are Moroccans, Tunisians, Algerians, Iraqis by birth, and they are unable to comprehend the soul and actions of the former Soviet people who could wind even experienced KGB employers around their little finger. And the methods to conceal the thoughts we have learned during our entire life there and imbibed to our blood, and seemingly even to our genetic memory. The second foe is the politicians from the former USSR who have great knacks in neutralizing the police actions. Sharon mildly reproached Lieberman for his aggressive defense of Chyorny and insult of police, saying that Lieberman’s words were uttered in undue place. Lieberman, who had passed through many Komsomol meetings, will put this remark into a certain place. Still another reason why Russia and Soviet techniques can root in Israel is that our society as a whole is sufficiently corrupt and without the Soviet immigrants. Our prime ministers and ministers, other country’s leaders are and were under investigation on suspicion of law violations. Some were sentenced, others just prosecuted, still others imprisoned for a short period. Essentially, many Israeli state officials are not burdened with morals and clean-handedness. Many of them brought from the Orient – Turkey, North Africa – corruption and baksheesh. Soviet and post-Soviet corruption finds fertile soil and promotes further society demoralization. Actually, all our prime- ministers met (I can say nothing of any financial backing) and shook hands with all famous Russian Mafiosi, they got acquainted with via the immigrant politicians. It can be asserted with certainty that today, basing on specific, partially enumerated provisions and conditions, for the sake of certain interests – post-Soviet Mafia (?), local newly made politicians (?), the new, rebirthing Imperial Russia (?), - all these altogether and in separate – a rapid process of Russification or more precisely, Sovietization, (how can we differentiate these two notions?) takes place in Israel. I can explain my interpretation of these two terms I again and again repeat in my paper. For abbreviation, we can integrate them into one – Sovrussification. How is it manifested? It is manifested not only in the above-indicated peculiarities of public and individual behavior and self-identification, but in the formation and introduction of a specific public conscience. At present, about one million former Soviet citizens, constituting 25% of the entire population, resides in Israel. This one fourth every day watches 5 Moscow-broadcast TV channels. This is in addition to many-hour Russian-language broadcasts on official TV and radio. About 20 Russian-language periodicals are published in Israel; another 5 to 6 Moscow newspapers are either distributed independently or annexed to the Israeli Russian-language newspapers. Tens of bookshops deal with selling Russian-language books and videocassettes. Numerous Moscow and St. Petersburg theaters are on tour all over Israel. Music groups take rounds and spectators. Hundreds of shops advertise their goods are written in Russian. The same is making by the telephone and TV companies. Purely Russian, non- Kosher, pork- marketing shops mushroom with every passing day. Huge network of Russian- language schools – musical, mathematical, general - has been established. Instructions, state and banking documents are compiled in Russian. Physicians and drivers pass their tests in Russian. The Russian parties, and primarily, Yuli Edelstein, a priest’s son, applied many efforts to launch scores of Russian-language youth and dancing clubs. One can ask what is bad in it. It makes life like easier. It would have been so if, unfortunately, behind the process not backed by alien to Israel forces and interests. Essentially, all this Sovrussification finally damages the interests not only of the interests the country, but in the first place, the interests those, who wants to integrate in Israel, to become an Israeli, and cannot accomplish his striving. This process results in the emergence of the alternative nation, which, sooner or later, will collide with Hebrew-speaking Israelis, and none can predict the results of this collision. Sovrussification gives rise to the emergence of various sects such as the Satanist sect notorious for its cruelty and excessive violence, various Slavonic unions, sticking their anti-Semitic, fascist posters all over Israel. They are few, but they gain power, taking advantage of the democratic regime weakness. Russian churches in Yaffa and Jerusalem, the newly emerging one in Ashdod, are full not only during the Christian holidays. The West, Europe, America must know about the processes taking place in Israel. They jeopardize not only Israel, but to a certain extent, the entire free world. They should be perceived and comprehended in order to assist Israel to overcome them. We are the staunchest allies of the West and America, and the stronghold of democracy in the Middle East. But, at the same time, we can become the free world peril, for we are the distinctive of entry to the free world for the Russian Imperial and criminal invasion. The world must pay the great attention to Israeli Russification/Sovietization in order that it may not become its victim. And not only to pay attention and to watch, but take certain measures.

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