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I am often being asked why I deal with Nevzlin, write about him, petition the Supreme Court of Justice, make a complaint to the police. I’ll try to answer in short in the light of the mentioned article.

Juli Nudelmann An uneasy conscience betrays itself The reaction and my comments to the article published in the “Jerusalem Post”, from November 26, 2006, in which I was libeled. I am often being asked why I deal with Nevzlin, write about him, petition the Supreme Court of Justice, make a complaint to the police. I’ll try to answer in short in the light of the mentioned article. From time to time I read in newspapers, watch in various TV channels and hear in radio statements and speeches of the fugitive "oligarch" Leonid Nevzlin, accusing the Russian Government and Russian President Vladimir Putin personally for politically persecuting him, Nevzlin. As it is known, the Russian State Prosecution sent several inquiries to the Israeli Minister of Justice with a request to extradite Nevzlin to Russia, first - accusing him of swindle, of heavy economic crimes and then accusing him of several murders. Leonid Nevzlin’s partners and subordinates Michail Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev and Alexei Pichugin were arrested in Russia due to the same accusations and imprisoned for various periods up to 25 years. After arresting of three his partners and subordinates, Nevzlin panic-stricken escaped from Russia to Israel in August 2003. In order to receive Israeli citizenship he got assistance of kind donations and active participation of politicians from former USSR citizens, Sharansky and Brailovsky. For many years I, as a journalist, investigated files of some former USSR citizens. I was the first who convicted Grigory Lerner and Leonid Roytman for criminal activities. Both were unmasked, condemned in Israel (Lerner twice) and are serving their sentences. I investigated the shady economic businesses of Sofa Landver, Yuri Stern, Roman Bronfman and Avigdor Liberman. Due to my materials the latter’s file was brought by our Police and Prosecution to the Russian State Prosecution with a recommendation to bring the case before the law. I began to deal with the Nevzlin’s case about two years ago when I found out that the former Minister of Diaspora Sharansky cooperated actively with this fugitive oligarch. The Deputy of the Knesset Colette Avital also inquired the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Avraham Poraz about such fast illegal giving Israeli citizenship to Nevzlin. At the same time it became known that Interpol gave a sanction to Nevzlin arrest. That time I succeeded in finding that for getting the Israeli citizenship Nevzlin signed a false affidavit at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel hiding the fact he was pleading a case against him in Russia. It was also clarified that our police investigates money laundering by Nevzlin in Bank Hapoalim. When I began to investigate Nevzlin’s activities I sent journalist inquiries to our Ministry of Internal Affairs, to the Prime-Minister, to the State Controller, to the Legal Adviser of the Government, to the Chairman of the Museum of the Diaspora Shlomo Lahat, to the President of the University Tel-Aviv Itamar Rabinovich. I received evasive answers and answers written for form only from all of the mentioned organizations. Then I sent a journalist inquiry to the Department of Public Relationships of the General Russian State Prosecution. In this inquiry based on comprehensive material from the Russian Press I asked to clarify of what Nevzlin is accused and on what inquiries the Russian State Prosecution to extradite Nevzlin are based to Russian readers in Israel. To my pleasure and even some surprise I got answers promptly. My interests as an activist of Aliya of the beginning of the first 70’s, a Zionist, citizen of Israel, a patriot, who participated in several wars, who fights against a corruption, for purity of our society in this case coincide with the interests of the Russian State Prosecution that demands the extradition of the fugitive Russian citizen. This citizen began to buy politicians in Israel suddenly becoming enamored of our universities and museums. Based on my experience and knowing the character of former USSR citizens’ life and activity I can clearly say that this passionate love is caused only by the sole reason – to be supported by the ruling circles of our country, which will not allow Interpol to arrest him and Israeli Government to deliver him to Russian justice. It should be specially emphasized that until now not one of the fugitive oligarchs was accuse of ordered murder. The first and only one is Leonid Nevzlin. To conceal accusations against him Nevzlin, who not long ago has taken part in publication of very positive and laudatory Putin's biography, decided from Israel to declare himself as a political enemy of Putin. Many before Nevzlin have resorted to such a cheap trick. I still remember very well that a doctor Michail Stern was arrested in Vinnitza (USSR) in 1972 because of incrimination to bribe and stealing insulin. After his arrest, from the prison, he declared himself as a Zionist. He was released under the world public pressure and he fled Russia promptly for Holland. Shortly after it became clear there that he was just a criminal. Until now, it is my explanation, why I deal with Nevzlin and some expanded introduction to the main issue and an explanation, why I decided to write to the "Jerusalem Post". In the “Jerusalem Post” of November 26, 2006 under the title: “Nevzlin: Litvinenko’s death could be linked to "Yukos" was published an article in which Nevzlin comments the death of the ex-KGB agent, lieutenant-colonel of the KGB Alexander Litvinenko and implicates the Kremlin in his death directly. In this article I was libeled! Nevzlin says that President Vladimir Putin uses methods of the KGB to persecute him. But Nevzlin accuses me in assisting in using these methods. Nevzlin claims that all these KGB methods Putin realizes through me, in particular, passing me, "the private person", "just" a journalist, documents about Nevzlin crimes that were not supposedly passed to the Israeli State Prosecution. By this way Nevzlin tries to accuse me that I am an instrument, a conductor of Kremlin’s influence, accessory in political prosecution of Nevzlin in Israel. I had left the USSR more than 35 years ago and I am not familiar with them, but by hearsay. But during my investigation I can state that KGB methods are indeed well known and close to Nevzlin. Nevzlin is familiar with them from his own experience. Nevzlin is well-known for his closely connections with the highest rank in KGB. In 1987 the Committee of Komsomol in the Frunze area in Moscow got the KGB’s permission to open the bank Menatep. Activists in this Committee were Michail Khodorkovsky, Leonid Nevzlin and the mentioned Leonid Roitman. The first two founded Menatep and later on also the UKOS under the umbrella of the KGB. Nevzlin was the immediate superior of the General KGB Alexey Kondourov in YUKOS, who was "the right hand" of General Filipp Bobkov, head of KGB Specially Department for savage reprisal the dissident and Jewish movement. Ex-KGB high officer Kondaurov was included into the UKOS security system headed by Nevzlin. A former KGB officer Alexei Pichugin became Nevzlin’s main executor, and today he is imprisoned for 25 years for organizing the murders. Kondaurov, General of KGB, now communist member of Russian Parliament, recently visited his chief Leonid Nevzlin in Israel. Perhaps, they were three at this meeting - Kondaurov, Nevzlin and Litvinenko with whom, according to the "Jerusalem Post", Nevzlin discussed whatever material about supposed participation of Putin in the conspiracy against "oligarchs". By such methods while accusing Putin and me in using KGB methods so known to Nevzlin, Nevzlin tries to defend himself against accusations of heavy crimes and against Interpol’s order to arrest him. Nevzlin acts regardless of the fact that declaring Israel in mass media almost as a center of a struggle against Putin regime he hurts strategic interests of Israel that is interested in normal relationships with Russia that is considered a friendly country, and Putin, who according to our Premier-Minister, “is the best friend of Israel”. It is a good time for us to clear ourselves from nasty things and not to allow fugitive oligarchs accused of heavy crimes to cover themselves with cheap declarations about political persecutions. This worn false card was beaten by the history long ago. And Leonid Nevzlin should understand that lies have short legs. And that not everything can be bought with money, even a big one. In summary, I would like to relate to one story from my life. Four years ago Russian State Prosecution demanded to extradite Akhmed Zakayev from Denmark. Then I considered him as one of the national leaders of the Chechen people fighting for their independence. At that time I didn’t determine developed legal system in corrupted post-Yeltsin Russia. Therefore I applied to the Queen of Denmark asking her not to extradite Zakayev. On November 3, 2002, I received the letter of thanks for my civic duty position from the Ambassador of Denmark to Israel. Today in 21 century the time is different. Putin carries on a strict struggle against corruption. Laws are being kept there not less, may be even more, active than in Israel. And the main thing is that Nevzlin is absolutely not Zakayev, who never was accused of ordering the criminal murders. Nevzlin rather likes to his friend Litvinenko, who passed to him "some documents that shed light on the most significant aspects of the Yukos affair"(JP) before his death. It is very interesting, that Litvinenko knew what Nevzlin didn’t. One thing is clear, Nevzlin couldn’t understand that there are people who don't need any order from anybody and they act according to one's conscience. I can only promise Nevzlin, if his extradition will happen, I'll be in Moscow at the trial together with the group of Israeli and international human-right defenders. I'll do my best for the trial to be fair and just.

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